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High Definition Bridal Makeup

Price – Rs. 11,999 17,777  (32 % off)

You Save: Rs. 5,778

AirBrush Bridal Makeup

Price – Rs. 14,999 21,112  (30 % off)
You Save: Rs. 6,113

Classic Bridal Makeup

Price – Rs. 9,000 13333  (32.4 % off)
You Save: Rs. 4,333

Christian/Catholic Bridal Makeup

Price – Rs. 14,999 20,000  (25 % off)
You Save: Rs. 5,001

Brahmin Bridal Makeup

Price – Rs. 34,999 39,999  (12.5 % off)
You Save: Rs. 5,000

Pre/Post Wedding Makeup

Price – Rs. 5,500 7,000  (21 % off)
You Save: Rs. 1,500

Mehendi Party Makeup

Price – Rs. 4,999 5,554  (10 % off)
You Save: Rs. 555

Bridesmaid HD Makeup

Price – Rs. 4,500 6,999 (35 % off)
You Save: Rs. 2,500

Baby Shower Makeup

Price – Rs. 6,499 7,777 (16.4 % off)
You Save: Rs. 1,278

Bridal Makeup Artist in Chennai

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret”

STUCK in a droning runnel with your makeup? Looking for some inspiration to spice up your look? The details for the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Chennai that can help you look your best on your special day! Bridal Make up artist play an important role as they enhance one’s beauty and in a city Chennai, we have an endless talent in South. There are talented people behind the flawless looks of the models, celebrities, brides, and many added. These people are the most sought after in the business and have the hands that wield the brushes to make the brides look even better than perfect. A makeup artist is the one, who put major skill, time, and effort into making the magic happen. Ms. Bavana among the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai. Read below for details with their portfolios.  Call now: 9677085215

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