In a head-to-head comparison of Exclusive Internet Access and Avast Secureline VPN, PIA came out on best in the connection speeds, pricing, level of privacy, streaming support, BitTorrent ability, and global server protection departments. The service also beat Avast in the selection of simultaneous links.

Unlike various VPNs, PIA actually possesses and operates all of it is servers. This will make it easier to keep the data safeguarded, as you would not be handing it over to a third party. In addition to the VPN, PIA offers DNS servers and other security equipment, which is great if you’re searching for a full-service company.

It also possesses a lot of personalization options for your image source contacts. For example , you are able to choose to connect automatically based on whether youre using an open Wi-Fi funnel or encrypted wireless, and to disconnect automatically when you happen to be no longer coupled to the VPN. Also you can choose to enable or eliminate kill switch and DNS trickle protection.

Great feature is certainly its capacity to prevent ISPs from throttleing or stopping P2P file sharing. When you hook up to a P2P server, your connection is encrypted and you’re assigned a new Internet protocol address. This helps stop ISPs via tracing your activity back to you or right from employing your data to promote applications.

PIA’s personal privacy policies happen to be one of its biggest selling details. It has a strict no-logs insurance policy that’s been audited and confirmed in judge, and it does not share your data with third parties. However , the company is based in Denver, which is part of the Five Eyes bijou, so it might not be ideal for users who worth privacy all the mainly because others.